Madhav Sigdel
Data Scientist
CareerBuilder, LLC

I am currently a Data Engineer/Scientist at CareerBuilder, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia. I do the research and implementation of in-house job-title classification and recommendation system. I also work on developing ETL and analyze peta-byte scale data using data science and big data technologies

I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Al. I joined the MS program in Fall 2010 and worked as a GRA/GTA at the department of Computer Science. My PhD research areas were related to Data Mining, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, and Information Visualization.

My advisor is Dr. Ramazan Aygun (Director of DataMedia lab). My dissertation title is “A Framework for Real-time Analysis of Protein Crystallization Images.” My thesis consists of 2 major components: classification of trial images and spatio-temporal analysis of trial images. In addition, I focus on developing measures to evaluate classification performance measures.

As a GRA, I was involved in writing software to automate the retrieval of protein images for an assembled microscopy system and apply image processing algorithms  for analysis of protein crystallization trial images. 

As a GTA, I worked as the instructor for INTRO TO C PROGRAMMING (CS102-03) (Spring 2013). I have also worked as the lab instructor in the hardware lab, and been the grader for the courses CS102 (Intro to C Programming), CS317 (Design & Analysis of Algorithms), and CS390 (Unix Programming) for several semesters.

I have 2 and half years working experience as a software engineer in D2HawkeyeServices Pvt. Ltd Nepal (subsidiary of VeriskHealth Inc. US),  a healthcare data analytics company. I worked as team lead in NCQA Certification 2009 of D2Explorer v5.0, HEDIS Browser and other RnD projects. I was also involved in the integration of different products like VHIP, DxCG and Tiermed after acquisition of several companies by VeriskHealth Inc.

Music is my best friend, and literature is my hobby. I enjoy visiting new places and hiking. I maintain my personal blog at

I can be reached at